International Student Dormitory

Bukkyo University International House Chion

The majority of international students live here at the Bukkyo University International House Chion. Caretakers are stationed on a 24-hour basis, so that you can enjoy your stay in Japan with reassurance.
You can reach the Bukkyo University Murasakino Campus in 15 minutes by bicycle. The location situated in the north of Kyoto City makes it a relatively quiet area, excellent for everyday life.

The building contains Buddhist altars and rooms of worship, so you can experience a highly Japanese atmosphere. In addition to the individual rooms, there are large communal areas like kitchens etc., where international students are often seen preparing dinner together.

No. of rooms 35
Rent 22,000 yen per month (includes water bill and Internet); other utilities at cost
Duration of residence 1 month or more and less than 1 year
Shared facilities Interchange hall, common kitchen, prayer room, Japanese room, multipurpose room, etc.
Facilities in individual rooms Modular bath, toilet, mini-kitchen (with electric stove and mini refrigerator), closet, bed, washing machine, air conditioner, desk, chair, bookshelf, etc.