The school was founded in 1868 in the Genkoin temple, located within the Chion-in Temple. It first originated as an institution of Buddhist research for monks of the Jodo school. Following a transitional period, it became a senior high school in 1912, which eventually became Bukkyo University.


Established an organization for lecturing and studying Buddhism in Genkoin in the premise of Chion-in Temple

1870 (Jan.)

Opened a temporary Kangakujo (Study-Encouraging Hall) in Genkoin in the premise of Chion-in Temple

Jodo-shu Senmon Gakuin school building (1901)

1912 (May.)

【School opening】 Founded Koto Gakuin

1913 (Apr.)

Changed the name of Koto Gakuin to Bukkyo Vocational School

In-class (around 1930)

1934 ( Jan.)

Relocated school buildings to the present Murasakino campus

1949 (Apr.)

Founded Bukkyo University, following the government's educational policy reform. Established Department of Buddhist Studies with the Faculty of Buddhism.

1953 (Apr.)

Opened correspondence program

1965 (Apr.)

Established Faculty of Literature

1967 (Apr.)

* Established Faculty of Sociology
* Established Graduate School of Literature

1973 (Apr.)

Established Graduate School of Sociology

1989 (Apr.)

Established Faculty of Education

1991 (Apr.)

Founded Research Institute of Bukkyo University

1993 (Apr.)

Established Graduate School of Education

1999 (Apr.)

Founded Graduate School of Correspondence Program
Opened Bukkyo University international house “Chion”

2004 (Apr.)

Established Faculty of Social Welfare

2006 (Apr.)

* Established Faculty of Health Sciences
* Founded Graduate School of Social Welfare

2010 (Apr.)

Established Faculty of Buddhism Established Faculty of History

a class in session (2010)

2011 (Apr.)

Opened Nijo Campus

Nijo Campus (2011)

2012 (Apr.)

100 year anniversary of the school’s founding

2014 (Apr.)

Founded Honen Buddhist Studies Research Center

MurasakinoCampus (2015)