At a Glance

Since its founding in 1868, Bukkyo University has been a learner-centered research university providing high quality educational experiences while pursuing new knowledge through teaching, research, and interdisciplinary and engaged scholarship.

We have given students the knowledge, insight, skills, and experience to become leaders for the common good. Based upon the teachings of Gotama-Buddha and Reverend Honen, the founder of the Pure Land Buddhism, Bukkyo University is decidedly global in outlook and diverse in perspectives, which are now represented by the students (both domestic and foreign), faculty, and staff.

Mission Statement

Bukkyo University draws its basic inspiration from the teachings of Buddha and Reverend Honen as the source of wisdom. As a comprehensive university grounded in the core values of Reverend Honen, the founder of the Pure Land Buddhism, we educate students to think critically, act positively, communicate effectively, succeed professionally and lead ethically.

President’s Office

The goals of Bukkyo University stand for the opportunity to connect serious intellectual and aesthetic work with making a positive difference in the world, which makes Bukkyo University a promising place to be.

Our University, guided by its Buddhist heritage, provides a diverse student population with the programs for a liberal and professional education, which aims to promote the development of the complete person who masters the self, live amongst one another, and be of service to others, through the pursuit of wisdom and justice. Fundamental to its Mission is a spirit of association which fosters community in all teaching, learning and service. These distinctive values guide the University in fulfilling its Mission.

The fundamental principle of Buddhism is: “we acquire knowledge for the purpose of transforming and transferring it to an action applicable to various situations in everyday life.” Far from a spiritual law, this principle is very practical; it is considered to be one of the heights where the idealism of the Pure Land Buddhism has reached, an integration of a forward-looking attitude, a spirit of adventure, and a spirit of innovation and experiment. The integration is the key to a colorful and productive life, which enables us to give others an abundance of happiness.

The gift of the education at Bukkyo University is “symbiosis,” or bonds between students, teachers, and staff created and strengthened by their belief in Buddhism, aiming at the formation of character and mental training. We believe our education leads students to living in harmony with other people, society, nature and the environment by learning. Faculty, staff, and administrators share their expertise through service to the university. This is a gift I received as a student here two score years ago, and today’s students continue to experience its transformative power. We have provided and will provide our students with the foundations for ethical citizenship and service to others.
Our curriculum enables students to identify and explore aspects of the world that interest them most, and our faculty teach them how to refine and strengthen their efforts and how to produce work that has real impact in the worlds of ideas, enterprise, and service.

As our motto, “anyone, anytime, and anywhere,” indicates, we open our doors to all those who want to learn, offering distance learning courses that help foster actual partnership with society. Our graduate school has cultivated specialized researchers and has trained highly-skilled professionals. We Bukkyo University is a university of integrated human studies.

※転識得智 Theory into Practice

Norihiko Tanaka