At a Glance

Since its founding in 1868, Bukkyo University has been a learner-centered research university providing high quality educational experiences while pursuing new knowledge through teaching, research, and interdisciplinary and engaged scholarship.

We have given students the knowledge, insight, skills, and experience to become leaders for the common good. Based upon the teachings of Gotama-Buddha and Reverend Honen, the founder of the Pure Land Buddhism, Bukkyo University is decidedly global in outlook and diverse in perspectives, which are now represented by the students (both domestic and foreign), faculty, and staff.

Mission Statement

Bukkyo University draws its basic inspiration from the teachings of Buddha and Reverend Honen as the source of wisdom. As a comprehensive university grounded in the core values of Reverend Honen, the founder of the Pure Land Buddhism, we educate students to think critically, act positively, communicate effectively, succeed professionally and lead ethically.

Greetings from The University President

Universities are places where you learn knowledge, enhance your own specialization, acquire licenses and qualifications, and form yourself into an individual who can play an active role in society. They are also places where, through extracurricular activities and social experiences, you learn that we cannot live alone, fostering your cooperativeness and becoming an individual who respects others.

Bukkyo University started as Koto Gakuin Senior High School in 1912, which then became Bukkyo Vocational School in 1913. In the years since we have grown into an accomplished comprehensive university with more than 7000 undergraduate and post-graduate students across seven faculties with fifteen departments, and four graduate schools that offer seven programs. We also offer correspondence courses for both our undergraduate and post-graduate programs, with around 9000 students participating in total. From our Murasakino Campus in Kita Ward, Kyoto, and our Nijo Campus in Nakagyo Ward, we have sent our students out into society for more than 100 years—individuals who can treasure themselves, and treasure others, based in the Buddhist mentality.

This “Buddhist mentality” of which I speak is nothing more than accepting the reality that is occurring in front of you, and then doing what you need to do in that situation.

The core of the teachings of Honen, founder of Jodo Buddhism, includes the concept of gengu. This is the idea that one must accept one’s true self, accept those things that one can do, and proceed firmly into the future. Students who have studied at Bukkyo University will grow into people who can treasure themselves, and treasure others, regardless of such matters as age and gender.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives. The things that happen in this reality that we experience can be harsh and unreasonable. However, no matter how difficult a situation we find ourselves in, it is the Buddhist mentality that provides us with the strength and knowledge to continue onward.

Bukkyo University has already entered our second century. Based on the teachings of gengu, we will continue accepting the reality presented in front of us, and contributing to society by sending individuals out into the world who can act as is expected of them. We will also continue to instill in our students confidence and pride in themselves and their futures, preparing them to live fruitful lives out in the world after graduation.

Bukkyo University President Masahiro Ito